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3 Easy Tricks To Younger Looking Skin ~ Naturally

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soft soothe skin: 3 Easy Tricks To Younger Looking Skin ~ Naturally


3 Easy Tricks To Younger Looking Skin ~ Naturally

 Skin infusing nutrition – the name tells the story

Enfuselle infuses skin cells to combat aging assaults. The exclusive antioxidant formula. Vital Repair+ Complex.  systematically breaks each link in the chain of free radical damage with seven nutrients for the skin, all of which work in synergy, providing greater benefit together than when used separately. It’s a formula so unique that it holds three patents.

No other skin care line offers better support. Many others include nutritional ingredients, but Enfuselle comprehensively blocks all the free radical reactions that take place on the skin, reactions that can lead to the premature signs of visible aging.  And, because Shaklee takes a new approach to skin nutrition, Enfuselle never includes harsh ingredients that others do to achieve short-term results, but that may not lead to a lifetime of beautiful, healthy skin. With Shaklee and Enfuselle, you feel your best, and look your best now-- and for life. Visit

Enfuselle products have been proven safe and effective in laboratory and human testing. Test subjects were selected due to their skin sensitivities.

Miracle Instant Firming Serum Watch Years Disappear in minutes ~ all Enfuselle formulas are:            
• Clinically formulated
• Botanically-based
• pH balanced
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
• Dermatologists tested
• Never tested on animals
• Contains no animal-derived ingredients
• Free of occlusive oils, soap, and dyes

Your skin is a mirror of your health, and keeping your body healthy with proper diet, Shaklee dietary supplements, and exercise is a great start. But there is more when it comes to the health of your skin and hair. Optimal skin and hair health can only be achieved through proper protection from the sun and environmental assaults. Shaklee provides the answer to overall Wellness. Starting on the inside with Shaklee nutritional supplements. And for the outside with Enfuselle skin care, Minerelles cosmetics, and ProSanté hair care.

D. Ross Curington Health and Wellness Coach

We'd love to hear your views on anti aging tricks. Got a trick or two of your own that you would like to share?  comment

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