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Professional Step By Step Make Up Tricks And Techniques

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soft soothe skin: Professional Step By Step Make Up Tricks And Techniques


Professional Step By Step Make Up Tricks And Techniques

Beautiful Skin -- Flawless All Day to Evening Makeup! 

Have beautiful skin and feed it too. Minerelles is Better for Your Skin Than Wearing No Makeup at All. Skin is the body's largest organ and, like your lungs, shin needs to breathe. Many make up products are the equivalent of layering shellac on your skin--closing off and stifling your pores. Minerelles Color Cosmetics include natural ingredients and vitamins from the earth that provide an environmental shield.

Minerelles oxides are beneficial for the skin, providing a natural, protective barrier between you and the sun, wind, heat and cold. These same mineral oxides don't required filler ingredients that can clog and choke your skin's pores. A flawless skin tone with a natural, healthy glow.

In Harmony With Nature -- Makeup and Your Body

What else does Minerelles offer that other cosmetics don't? Our secret is the thoroughly nourishing benefits of tripe-patented Vital Repair+ Complex, an exclusive antioxidant combination formulated to protect and renew your skin. Our formula won't sting or irritate and do not contain any mineral oils, synethic dyes, drying talcs, or parabens. Defend your skin starting today from the environmental assaults while you nourish it and enhance your Beauty in a New Light.

Now...Take A Moment To Review Have A Healthy Beauty While Nourishing Your Skin
Age Defying All Natural Make up Part 1 ~ Minerelles -- Step By Step Professional Tips and Techiques for Ageless Beauty. Be Ahead of Your Time but 10+ years behind. Exclusive antioxidant formula to protect and renew your skin naturally. Why trust a Cosmetics Co for your make up when the # 1 Health and Nutrition Co, Shaklee, has a complete natural line?

Part 2

Healthy Beauty Makeup In Harmony with Nature is Formulated To Protect And Nourish Your Skin. Why buy Your Make Up From a Cosmetics Company That Knowingly Poisons It's Customers? Why When The Leader in Health and Nutrition in the U.S. Has The Defense Your Skin And Face Needs to stave off the assaults to your face. learn more

D. Ross Curington
Health and Wellness Coach

We'd love to hear your views on anti aging tricks. Got a trick or two of your own that you would like to share?  comment

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