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Warning: Poison In Your Lipstick?

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soft soothe skin: Warning: Poison In Your Lipstick?


Warning: Poison In Your Lipstick?

Sneaky Anti Aging Tips: Check Your Make up for Poison! 
According to a recent report, there is poison in your lipstick and the Cosmetics companies know all about it. They say "big deal , so what". You are not eating the  lipstick, so what does it matter? Yikes! And, the government knows about it too! The culprit is lead. Lead is responsible for cancer, brain disorders, abnormal development in children, should I go on? Yes, there is probably lead in your favorite lipstick.  ABC News Consumer Report Click here.

The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics is fighting a losing battle against the super giant cosmetics companies  (And they need your help).  Most of the huge companies say that their poisonous products are in compliance with  government regulations and that there is just a little bit of poison in them.  Not enough to kill anyone, a little  poison won't hurt you. In the meantime, millions of men, women and children are using cosmetics loaded with toxins.

But wait a minute.  If you don't believe me you can check this out for yourself. Take a moment and browse the name brands and top products for yourself posted by the government and see just what you are really putting on your face, in your hair and on your skin. It's poison out there and these products are slowly killing you. learn more

The good news is that Shaklee, the leader in health and nutrition, has a safe, pure and natural cosmetic line loaded with the vitamins, botanicals and nutrients your skin, hair and body crave.  Now, who you  gonna trust? Your giant cosmetic company who says it's okay to poison you...just as long as its just a little bit.  Or, the leader in health and nutrition? The leader who really cares about  you and your health?  Healthy Beauty

D. Ross Curington
Health and Wellness Coach

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